How can I help you?

I’m thrilled that you are here & interested in studying with me! I’d LOVE to see you in class &/or at one of my workshops or retreats.  Below are the details on what I’m currently offering [click to register] ::

If you are interested in getting a group together for a private workshop or hosting me at your studio or corporate location here is a list of workshops that i’m currently offering. Contact me directly to book a time or 604-850-4799.

Meditation for the Beginner & Beyond – this is a good one to start with, I’ve taught it a lot over the years: in corporate settings, moms groups, ppl with anxiety, addictions, yoga studios etc.

Meditation for Compassion & Lovingkindness – this one is always popular & I usually run it as a 2 part series with the beginner workshop.

Wake Up to who you REALLY are! Learn to understand how your mind (ego) really works! Learn simple, practical and POWERFUL meditation techniques to find your JOY! There will be time for discussion and Q&A…. 

Vipassana/Mindfulness Meditation – 4 noble truths with a focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness can be an excellent tool for stress management

The Subtle Body & The Ego – Join Wendy for a transformative meditation workshop and understand how your EGO really works. Learn simple, practical meditation techniques. We will also discuss the koshas (subtle Layers of the energy body) Discover how this ancient yoga philosophy can help you WAKE UP to WHO you REALLY ARE!

Chanting flow – this is great for a Friday or Saturday night every once & awhile. I go through the sun salutations & chant through the chakra sounds, it’s kind of intense & really gets you breathing.