Do you need a NAP?

MAybe What y ou need is a NAP

So I fell off the blogging wagon yesterday!  I was SO tired after work I had to lay down & take a nap.  It was glorious – I knew I was going to be out late & I was getting together with some of my best friends so I wanted to be able visit with them with being SO EXHAUSTED all night.

I’ve always been a sleeper – its how I cope.  Some people keep themselves so busy when they are stressed, not me I SLEEP.  Truthfully I love sleeping, I love taking a nap but I often feel like I’m being lazy when I do it.  I have a few A-type personalities around me & sometimes I feel like they nap-shame me :: is that a thing? should we start a revolution? PEOPLE against NAP-SHAMING (hehe)

Sleep is also a major part of my self-care routine.  I DO NOT function well if I don’t get sleep – I think that’s part of the reason I crashed so badly when I had small kids, I just couldn’t function without sleep.  I still need at least 8-10 hours per day & this has become a priority.  Nobody should have to be around me if I don’t get enough sleep (trust me its not pretty).

What are the most vital parts of YOUR self-care routine?

Thanks for reading – I am really enjoying this blogging thing so far & the feedback has been really cool.

Have something you want me to write about? Any burning questions? Lemme know.



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Somebody asked me to write about EGO – here you go!

I first learned about the ego from my teacher Padma at one of her workshops back in 2008.  Learning about EGO & my own ego in particular was a game changer for me.  As soon as I became aware of when I was in my ego things started to change (for the better).

I always used to feel bad about the way I was acting – I would often snap at people or lash out unnecessarily, I was also in the habit of being really negative all the time.  I knew I wanted to shift these things but I didn’t really know how – I had tried to “be more positive” on many occasions but it wasn’t working.

Padma explained that the lashing out & getting super irritable was not me, it was my ego.  She said something like “that’s not who you are Wendy, that’s your ego & your in your ego because you’re terrified” (totally paraphrasing here, I can’t remember what she actually said but this is what I heard).  I started to observe my behavior & noticed that I was actually really afraid of something every time I was lashing out or snapping at people.

According to yoga philosophy, one of the egos main jobs is to protect the physical body from death.  Its a total protection thing – your ego will get its Armour up to protect you when you’re scared.

One of the main functions of the ego is FEAR.

If you want to become more aware about EGO I encourage you to tune into the moments when you are fearful & anxious. Get curious & see if you can tune into exactly what it is you’re afraid of.

One question I get asked a lot is:

Q: How do I know if I’m in my EGO or in my truth?

A: If it leads towards love its you, if its making you feel small, insignificant, not good enough & weak its NOT you that’s your EGO.

I could go on about this topic forever – I’ve been studying it since 2008 & I still find it really fascinating.

Do you ever feel bad & like you’re not really acting like yourself?

I’d love to hear about it.

Take care,


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Yoga vs. Meditation

Do the opposite

If YOGA & MEDITATION got into a fight who would win?

Seriously who do you think would win?

Whats better yoga or meditation? Hmm this is a very good question. I used to be a die hard yoga fan, then I started meditating.  I was taking a meditation teacher training in LA – it was Theravada Buddhist meditation & there was no YOGA at all.  In fact there were some “yoga-haters” in the class (gasp!!!).

At the time I was taking the course in LA (the course was 5 trips to LA over the course of 1 year) I was teaching Hot Yoga here in Mission, BC.  I would go down to LA & meditate all weekend & then come home & teach too much HOT Yoga.  I started to notice a real pattern – the people in my hot yoga classes were kind of disconnected from their minds & totally stuck in their bodies –> and the people in my meditation classes in LA seemed like they were stuck in their minds & had very little mind/body connection.

I wanted to say “you guys here at hot yoga should go try a meditation class & you guys in the meditation classes could probably use some yoga”.

After that observation I really started to balance out my own yoga & meditation practice.  I try to tune into the moments when I’m all up in my head – that’s a clear sign I need to do yoga.  When my body starts to get exhausted from doing too much exercise (yoga, paddleboarding, hiking etc.) I know I need to chill a bit & meditate more.

When I get completely un-grounded & spaced out – I know I’m meditating too much & need to get outside & hike.

Back to my original question: What’s better YOGA or Meditation? I think a combo of both is the most powerful combination.  I also think its good to do the opposite of what you want to do sometimes.  If you’re a die-hard meditator maybe try some yoga. If you love hot yoga & flow yoga maybe try slowing things down & meditating.

Please let me know how it goes!

What do you prefer? Yoga or Meditation?

Take Care,


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The Balance between Effort & Surrender


This is one of the most important things my yoga practice has taught me over the years:

Cultivate the balance between EFFORT & SURRENDER.

I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way over the years but its SO good.  If you overdo it & are pushing yourself all the time you burn out – it seems like its working short term but overdoing it doesn’t work long term.

If you get stuck in the state of surrender & you’re too “whatever” that doesn’t really work either.  If you never really push yourself you never really get anywhere either.

As I get more sophisticated in my yoga practice I can cultivate this balance easier & get there quicker – I’m more tuned into the moments when i’m being lazy & need to muster up some effort.  I’m also more tuned into the moments when I am just pushing too hard & getting close to injury.

Its a fine balance –> EFFORT & SURRENDER, but totally worth it.  the more you practice the better you get.

Please tell me – do you have an area in your life where you need to surrender?  Some area in your life where you are just being lazy & need to cultivate discipline?

Take care,


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Feel the FEAR – Do it anyway.

Feel the FEARDo it anyway

There are so many things to be afraid of. So many things to be anxious about.  I’ve been teaching meditation for many years now & most people I see are dealing with anxiety. Teachers & counselors come to my classes – they say all they deal with is anxiety, most of their job is dealing with kids with anxiety.  I’m no stranger to anxiety myself. I was always just a worried kid, then I became a worried adult.

I had an eye-opening moment around anxiety – I was starting my paddleboard business & became completely overwhelmed with panic & dread.  It was so bad I just about quit.  Then I remembered I had the same panic & anxiety when I was in school, the same panic when I had 2 small children & was a stay at home mum and the same panic when I was building my house.  I realized that if I worried about things enough I thought I could somehow control them (it doesn’t actually work! ha!)

I decided then to FEEL the FEAR & Do it ANYWAY! I try to be a WARRIOR & not a Worrier but the truth is I’m a WORRIER.  So I let myself worry, I feel the fear & then I do whatever I want.

Have you ever done something that you were totally terrifed to do? Tell me about it.

Take care,


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How I fell in LOVE with MEDITATION.

How I fell in LOVE with MEDITATION.

It was 2005 & I was a total mess.  I had 2 small kids (ages 3 & 5), I was having 30 panic attacks per day & I had just gotten out of rehab for alcohol addiction.  Awesome.  This is just how I pictured my life would turn out. Oh & I was also 25 lbs overweight (so fun).

I was lost, I was broken, I thought my life was over because I couldn’t get hammered anymore.  People kept telling me to do yoga & meditate so I thought I would give it a try.  I did a lot of yoga in early sobriety & it was awesome – it really got me reconnected with my body.  I was still struggling with anxiety, self-hatred & overall shitty life syndrome though.

I wanted to start meditating but I didn’t know how to do it & I could barely sit still for the shavasana at the end of yoga so I didn’t think I was a great candidate for meditation.  I read Kevin Griffins book: One Breath at a Time & I loved it.  He was teaching a day retreat on Bowen Island so I signed up for it.  He was so chill & cool, he gave us several different mantras & techniques, then we sat in meditation for the better part of the day.  One thing he said will always stay with me “if you want a meditation practice, you HAVE to meditate” as he said it I was like YES I do want a meditation practice.

So I started meditating. EVERYDAY.

My outer life stayed the same but EVERYTHING changed.  I still lived in the same house, was still married to the same person & still had the same 2 kids – everything on the outside was still the same but things within me started to change drastically.

I started to feel SO much better, my anxiety level dropped, I started to enjoy my life (up until then I was going through everyday with a sense of dread).

Fast forward 13 years – I’m still in love with meditation, I still meditate everyday.  I love the quiet, the stillness, the clarity. I love that my meditation practice is my own thing, its so deeply personal & its changed & evolved so much over the years.

Please tell me – do you have a meditation practice? Do you love it?

Take care of yourself,


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The miracle of FORGIVENESS.

You want to perform a miracle_Forgive yourself.

If you want FREEDOM you have to learn to FORGIVE.  I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way.  I can hold a grudge for 10-20 years, no problem! It worked for me for such a long time, made me feel strong & powerful.  Then I got tired of being angry, lashing out at people for no reason & just being miserable all the time.  I used to look at HAPPY people who seemed to just let things go & wonder how the hell they did it.

I knew I wanted to let go but I didn’t know how, then I started doing yoga & meditating.  The yoga & meditation really helped with forgiveness & over the years I’ve created my own system to forgive:

  1. Allow myself to be angry – you can’t skip this step, when I first started my yoga journey I wanted to go straight from anger to forgiveness – it doesn’t work that way.  Yeah & if you don’t let it out somewhere it comes out somewhere else (like on the poor cashier who doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing & I should probably tell her how to do it)
  2. Ask what’s underneath – almost always underneath anger is hurt. There is a good saying “Anger is just sad’s bodyguard”.  Usually if I’m angry its because someone hurt my feelings, made me feel stupid or somehow embarrassed me. (sorry but you can’t skip this step either)
  3. Start with the intention to FORGIVE – sometimes I’m SO pissed off it seems like I will NEVER be able to forgive someone. That’s OK – I acknowledge that it may take a long time & I’m still pissed but I eventually do want to FORGIVE.  This has been hard, somehow it seems easier to hold on to a grudge for 20 year you know??
  4. PRACTICE forgiveness –  practice makes perfect!! I’ll use the mantra “I forgive you” & keep repeating it when i’m really pissed.  When I meditate everyday I will use a metta (lovingkindess) practice: May you be happy, May you be at ease, May you be free from suffering.  Start with doing it everyday for a month.
  5. Forgive YOURSELF – this is the key that unlocks the whole process.  I do it last because I need to work through the anger first.  We all do so many stupid, hurtful things then we carry this stuff around & its like carrying around a 50 lb backpack & wondering why you can’t run as fast as you used to.  Put the backpack down.  Be super badass & FORGIVE yourself for ALL the stupid things you’ve done & all the things you’ve screwed up.

Forgiveness will be a lifelong practice for me but its well worth it.  Letting go of long held resentments feels SO good! So much better than carrying around grudges.

Tell me – have you been able to forgive someone you thought you’d NEVER forgive? Feels good, doesn’t it? Feels like FREEDOM.

Take care,


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The right decision is often the HARDEST.

the down-low

Have you ever noticed sometimes the right decision is the hardest decision?  I recently had to make the decision to close my business. I ran the business for 5 seasons & poured my heart & soul into it.  For years I loved it – I loved getting people out on paddleboards, being on the water, selling boards & teaching SUP YOGA.  I had so much energy & the problems were easy to deal with (I actually enjoyed dealing with difficult customers & sorting out problems).  Then very slowly things started to shift. It was very subtle, then it was not very subtle.  I got diagnosed with physical exhaustion (I’m still not sure if that’s what it was but that’s what the doctor said) packing 10 – 30lb boards in hot, hot sun was getting to be too much.

Maybe when your body is shutting down & telling you very clearly “I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE” – maybe that’s the time make a hard decision & close things down.  Um no not me, I’ll take a few more years of this please.

I didn’t want something I loved so much to end that way, I didn’t want to admit defeat so I kept going.  I knew I needed to let it go but I couldn’t make the final decision to let it go so I had my kids take it over.  I thought I was handing them a golden opportunity, they thought summer in the Shuswap would be really FUN! Needless to say that didn’t work out that well.  They had their FUN summer & I was a stressed out grump.

I finally shut it down for good in December, it still stings a little. Pouring your heart into something & then not have it turn out the way you want sucks.

We all have to make these hard decisions all the time:

The decision to leave a marriage.

The decision to move across the country.

The decision to cut ties with family members who are toxic.

The decision to leave a job that is literally killing you.

The decision to end a business partnership when you truly enjoy working with someone.

The decision to abandon your career to be a stay at home mum.

The decision to go to rehab because you just can’t live with the hell of addiction anymore.

We often know its the right decision long before we actually make the decision.

Have you ever noticed sometimes the right decision is the hardest?

Please share a story of when you had to make a hard decision but you knew it was the right decision.

Take care,


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TRUST is the most advanced Practice.


Do you ever feel like your heart is walking around outside your body?

My teenage daughter is in France for the next 3 months & it literally feels like my heart is walking around France – alone, without me.  The week before she left I got to worrying – have you noticed there are always SO many things to worry about it??

Then I was reminded of a teaching from Erich Schiffmann = he told us that TRUST is the most advanced practice.  Whenever I get into this state of worry I bring myself back to my yoga practice, there are so many teachings available & I can usually find one that is right for whatever is I am struggling with.

This is what TRUST looks like for me while she is gone:

Trust that she is where she needs to be, doing what she needs to do.

Trust that I am where I need to be, doing what I need to do.

Trust that its OK for us to be apart.

Trust that we are both learning what we need to learn.

Trust this will be the adventure of a lifetime for her & I need to let her go ENJOY it.

Its so easy to get caught up in resistance & fighting everything that’s happening.  My life is so much easier when I can learn to just roll with it.

She had a bad day recently & I offered to go to France to fix everything for her – she responded with “Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine”

Trust that she will be fine.

This is the first post in my 30 days of blogging – I’d love it if you followed along with me & shared your story as well in the comments below.

What do you need to trust right now?

Just keep trusting,


Yoga for the SOUL (Bradner Hall)

DSC_0417 2

Yoga for the SOUL with Wendy Weymann

A YOGA class where we 
Chant through the Chakras

This class is a chance to re-calibrate, heal & let go of anything that is no longer serving you.

Join ME (Wendy) for this healing yoga class. During the class we will practice yoga flow as we chant through the chakra sounds & then lead into a blissful restorative practice.

No experience necessary!

Chanting is not mandatory – if chanting is out of your comfort zone please feel free to come & just listen.

Date: January 31, 2018
Time: 5:30 – 7pm
Place: Bradner Hall  –  5305 Bradner Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2P1
Investment: $15

Click the link below to register or send an etranser to for $15

Yoga for the SOUL