So, a Yoga Teachers blog! What a wonderful way to get to know my colleagues that teach/live in the Fraser Valley. A big shout out to Wendy Kapty-Weymann who gave birth to this fabulous idea. It all sounded so great at the time but now as MY deadline is approaching, yikes! Firstly, I don’t even really know what a blog is, I’ve never read one or written one. I made a commitment to not read any of the other blogs until all blogs are completed. I still carry the fear of plagiarizing from my Uni days. Secondly, I am technologically floating at the bottom of the barrel. Wendy has kindly agreed to take my ‘blog’ and a few pics I submitted and do the magic. I’m hoping she can add her magic to the pics I submitted too. I checked with my youngest daughter Carly tonight as to what a blog actually is and she advises its like journaling. So, did I mention I HATE journaling, or in the olden days we called it a diary. To this day, I rely on my bestie, Kathy (no not me, we just share the same name) of 54 years to dig through her journals to remind me of what we were doing when … She’s won many an argument based on her journals. The last case involved me adamantly insisting we saw an outdoor Eagles concert in Hawaii in year whatever, and yes, you guessed it, it wasn’t her but another friend I was vacationing with. The good news is that it’s really great to have a close friend that journals because then your life is chronologized by default.


Back to yoga. Yoga found me about 12 years ago. To this day I still can’t believe it took so long. I really can’t understand it. A group of us from my previous work site private hired a local yoga instructor, wait for it, …. Tracy Loffler, Unison Yoga, to teach us all how to yoga. AND I NEVER LOOKED BACK. OMG where had yoga been in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and finally appearing in my 50’s. Thank goodness. I eventually settled into a local yoga studio, Iron Lotus, from the day they opened. Such a great fit for me and my work schedule. I embraced my yoga community for many years at IL, and for that I’m grateful. I never EVER had aspirations to become a yoga teacher. Or any other kind of teacher for that matter. I always joke (with a tinge of seriousness) that I chose a social work career over teaching because who wants to a) be a leader and b) learn the names of ALL those children at the start of each year. Life was good. Nice part time work, preparing for eventual retirement, practicing yoga 3-4 times a week, long, beautiful walks with my dogs. AND THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. My life turned upside down. I lost most of my vision in my one good eye. I’m legally blind in the other eye. I couldn’t work (on medical leave for 11/2 years), I lost my ability to drive, I couldn’t even walk in my community alone due to limited vision. One day a good friend and I ventured out walking and I thought I saw a dog up the street but it was one of our local bears. I live rurally and unfortunately no bus service. I couldn’t read books, I couldn’t watch TV. I couldn’t get to my local yoga studio! I was devastated. Four months in, very depressed, my friend Preet, from my local studio contacted me and asked me to take Yoga teacher training with her. I resisted and she insisted. She’d do all the driving, help me with any homework, and basically she told me “ALL I HAD TO TO WAS SHOW UP’. Well was she ever wrong!! But her insistence and cajoling eventually wore me down and I agreed to attend Yoga Teacher training with her. Preet saved my life! Simple as that. 12 weeks of really getting to know each other, diving into teacher training, creating a bond that I will forever cherish. And the laughter. From feeling devastated to feeling accomplished. I may be ‘older’, and not your ‘typical’ yogi look, but I’ve GOT THIS.


Yoga and all it’s teachings, fires me up. I can spend hours and days researching, learning, educating myself to be the best I can be. My teacher beginnings on my sun deck. Thank you to all my oldest daughter Sarah’s friends and my friends who came to classes to support me. Beautiful fresh eggs and veggies in lieu of donations. My seva classes at Mission Hospice Society and Fraser House helped to build my confidence as a yoga teacher. And that exciting phone call from Iron Lotus (my local studio) offering me my first paid yoga teacher job. This journey was unexpected but therapeutic. I’m humbled every day and during every class I lead. My first teacher Tracy, supported me through sobbing in savasana. Who knew? My first teacher, Tracy, attended one of my Silverdale Hall yoga classes: the biggest honour EVER. As a teacher, having another teacher attend one of your classes is the greatest HONOUR ever. It is an honour each and every time a student attends one of my classes. One of my greatest ‘yoga teacher’ joys is leading Prenatal yoga. I LOVE the mamas and babies that share their energy with me and others, and are so open to explore getting out of their heads and into their bodies/babies. Our society is a very different space/place from long ago and pregnancy and birth is a rite of passage to be honoured, knowing and trusting our intuition, as women, as mamas. From my home yoga kitchen space, to community space, to cozy basement studios, to large beautiful yoga studios, know that even though the space and environment is ever changing, the quality, clarity and heart felt teachings remain solid and humble.
My favourite quote:
I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou

In kindness, Kathy Yausie Reeves


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Luisa {Time to sit, listen and go Inward}

Time to sit, listen and go Inward.

Hi, everyone, my name is Luisa and is time to write my first blog thanks to beautiful Wendy, which I would like to thank for organizing this platform to get to know our community. It had been fantastic to read all the blogs and see the love and passion all you yogis.


My journey as a yogi started years ago, looking for silence and connection with myself.

As a student I loved to practice with no music and just listen to the guiding voice of the teacher and the sound of my breath.

When I had my second child I became ill  with an immune system disorder and postpartum depression, so I took my baby and toddler to the Caribbean to stay with my parents for a while. Somehow the Universe has put something together so I came back at ease. Guess what is was? Yes you are right, YOGA it was.

Every morning under the Palapa a group of women got together and practiced yoga. I joined and it was just what I needed. Time for me knowing my kids were in great hands during that hour.  I loved to move my body slowly, listening to the magical noises of the jungle, feeling the sticky ocean breeze. I became aware of my body in the space, and the state of my mind in that moment. What I discovered was so simple: to be back to who I was I needed to SLEEP MORE and take breaks more often and that it was the time to do so. Svanasana became the most important pose and yoga Nidra my number one to go.


After 5 years of that woow moment I took the education to become a yoga teacher and give back to the community. In 2017 I received my fist YTT 200 hr. And from that day I have  been a need yoga student. Last year I got the certification to teach Restorative Yoga and kids YTT. This January I finish my second YTT 200 hrs. and got certified to teach AIReal yoga.

My love and passion continue to grow as a student and teacher. It has opened doors I couldn’t ever imagine and I have been meeting wonderful people. The teachers that I have choose to learn from are a true inspiration. The teachers that I work with are always supportive and keep the sense of community. 

Today I teach at Abbotsford and Mission. I offer private classes, once a month I teach families at different elementry schools, I teach preschool and kids yoga and offer restorative workshops once a month.

Why do I love to teach kids?


I believe that foundation is essential in everything. If I go back to my background (concrete,steel, functionality) every building needs a strong foundation before it becomes a  solid structure. With this I decided to start teaching little kids to give the foundations to a happier and solid adulthood.  Family yoga is fantastic as parent and child, getting to bond and go home together with tools in their pockets to work with. We sing, dance, breath, practice yoga poses and create mindful crafts. 

If you will like to know more about yoga please do not hesitate to contact me at 


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Unity – we could all use a bit more.


Thank you to everyone who has participated in this blog tour! The response has been fantastic – lots of people connecting with each other which was my intention in creating the tour.

We have some amazing yoga teachers here in the Valley – it’s been cool to connect with some of the new teachers & reconnect with teachers that I have known for years. I’d like to see more unity within the yoga community here in the Valley. I’ve had some teachers go out of their way to make things happen for me – this is SO cool & ultimately it makes everyone better.


Yoga is sacred.

As I teacher I have always felt that it’s extremely important to keep it sacred. When we know better we do better. Yoga teaches us to know better.

My path to becoming a yoga teacher has not been easy – I have quit teaching so many times over the years. Every time I quit I vow “I’m NEVER going to teach another yoga class”. Then guess what happens? I stop doing yoga & turn into the worst version of myself & something or someone pulls me back to teaching.

I do love to teach & I always feel most alive when I’m teaching meditation.

I started doing yoga in 1999 when I was pregnant with my son Dexter (he just turned 19!!). I dabbled for a few years & then took my 200 hr YTT in 2005 at Open Door Yoga.  I had 2 kids age 3 & 5 plus I had just gotten out of rehab for alcohol addiction. I wasn’t at my finest.

Yoga made me feel like everything was going to be ok – I was at a time in my life where NOTHING felt ok & I was experiencing up to 30 panic attacks per day. I had no idea how I was going to get through each day without getting loaded & I had no idea how I was going to raise my 2 kids. (I love being a Mum but I found it extremely exhausting when they were little).

Yoga brought me back to my body & gave me a reprieve from the insanity that was my mind. It was astonishing – I had never really felt that kind of peace & ease before, I kept coming back & ultimately fell in love with yoga. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true – I voraciously studied & practiced yoga & meditation whenever I could. I took all kinds of training: yoga for addictions/trauma, YIN yoga, Vijnana, Vinyasa, Yoga philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, Yoga for kids, SUP yoga and many more. I’m a huge YOGANERD.

After I finished my YTT I started teaching right away & taught full time for several years while I raised my kids. I taught at several studios here in the Fraser Valley & connected with so many awesome students & other yoga teachers. I have had several students go on to become yoga teachers which is really cool.

I’ve done some cool things with my yoga career : I’ve taught on stage at music festivals to thousands of people, I taught in both my kids classrooms while they were growing up, I’ve taught retreats & teacher trainings, I did several corporate gigs over the years – for many years I taught at Riverview Hospital to the staff, I’ve taught kids with anxiety, adults with anxiety/ocd, I’ve trained competitive dancers & figure skaters – the list goes on! I have also worked with many clients who have lost children – I never really know what to say or do, it’s probably the hardest thing. Yoga seems to heal even the hardest things – this is why we need to keep it sacred. I bow deeply to these students & admire you for showing up on your mat week after week. YOU are the reason we need to keep yoga sacred. If the worst thing happens we need somewhere to go & a place to heal.


In 2012 I discovered yoga on a paddleboard & was completely hooked! Being a water girl this was the ultimate for me – it’s SO awesome. Totally took my yoga practice to the next level & brought me to this place of freedom that still blows my mind. I taught SUP yoga on so many lakes & waterways in BC, it was such a cool experience & I met so many really cool people.

While I was at a SUP yoga class in LA I mentioned to the teacher that I was a SUP yoga teacher. She went out of her way to get me a contract teaching at Wanderlust Whistler – which was a bucket list gig for me.

Who the hell knows where yoga will take me in the future? I’m open to something good ✨ and I’m pretty sure yoga will deliver.



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Sylvia {Fierce Mother}

I would like to take a moment and thank Wendy Weymann for inviting me to be part of the Yoga Teacher Blog Tour, and to also thank the participating teachers for sharing their inspiring yoga journeys. What a ride! #fvyogateachers

I first tried yoga when I was attending college about 20 years ago.I would love to tell you that there was some great deep epiphany that lead me to yoga, but me at 20 years old it was mainly to get my stretch on, and it looked really cool. Two years into college I became pregnant with my first and only child. It was then that I noticed recent and past traumas starting to manifest as anxiety, bouts of depression, and a lack of voice.


I for some reason knew I had to seek out help in order to be the best I could be for my child. I was about to be a single mom with no real knowledge of being a mom or what that looked like. You see, I spent my early years in foster care, and then adopted into a family where alcohol abuse was rampant and verbal and emotional abuse was daily.

I searched out for a talk therapists, which was hard because financially I had about three dollars to my name. I eventually found one. Talk therapy and physical exercise became my selfcare for quite some time. However there was something missing. I of course didn’t know this yet. Hindsight is 20/20.

About ten years later while dealing with some anxiety a friend suggested I try yoga. I resisted of course. Why would I try yoga for anxiety? She’s crazy! I think I answered “you do you and I’ll do me.” Also being extremely honest it was expensive and I was very often the only one of color in a yoga class #awkward. This did not spark joy in my heart. After being totally resistant for some time I decided to go for it.

My relationship with yoga started like any other relationship. It was the unknown, and I was awkward, nervous, protective, and insecure that all my flaws would be magnified for all to bare witness to. However like a great friend over time yoga welcomed me with patience, acceptance, and a great deal of love. I built a personal trust and a safe space for myself on my mat. I found strength, balance (in life more so, the physical I still struggle), endurance, courage, and most of all my voice! Yoga practices unlike talk therapy for myself allowed stuff to rise organically. Yoga allowed me to knock down some barriers and walls that actually prevented me from getting the most out of talk therapy. I have found that yoga and therapy have married nicely and truly compliment each other.

After about 10 years of yoga practices and the positive effects it has had on me and on my life physically, mentally, and emotionally, I knew it was time to share with others. In 2015 I did my YTT  and continued from there to get trainings in restorative, and trauma informed yoga. I have recently finished my 300 hour yoga therapy foundations and currently working towards becoming a certified yoga therapist. I Currently volunteer for Yoga Outreach. I offer one to one practice for beginners or those who would like to explore their yoga practices further. I also offer small private group sessions.

Due to my lived experience as a single mother, a person of color, and for a time a person with very little income, and full awareness of the privileges I hold (able bodied, neurotypical, cisgender, educated, heterosexual, and having a few dollars to my name).  My hopes are to be an active member in helping to make yoga accessible to everyone and everybody and  offer a safe space which supports inclusivity, diversity, and self expression in all forms and shapes. A space to come together and be empowered. A space to become curious about the unique gifts we all hold within. I truly believe in the transformative healing powers of yoga practices, and use them daily.

Find me on instagram for now (website to come)


Feel free to direct message me

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Alitha – Zen Den Yoga


Hi! I’m Alitha! I’m a yoga teacher, a mom, a fierce advocate for truth, an empowered survivor of trauma, and a brave, confident leader! I have travelled around the sun 37 times with ups and downs and all arounds and I’m grateful for every trip. How I came to yoga is really the story of my life. It’s a story of how I came back to myself and my body in particular. So, I suppose I should begin with how I lost myself.


It could have been when my mom left for the final time when I was around 8 years old or a year later when I realized my Dad was suffering from bipolar disorder. It could have been that day in grade 4 when a rumour spread about me being a lesbian or that summer I spent in my room alone hoping I would never see those people again. Any one of those events could have led me to lose myself, my roots, my strength. And there were many more.

I was 15 when I finally thought I had made it through all the shit life had dealt me and things were looking up. I was excelling in school and sports and had many friends. Things seemed “normal” finally. I didn’t know it then, but all that I had experienced up to that point was just life’s way of preparing me for what was coming next.

At 15 years old, I couldn’t wait to grow up. I found a bit of confidence and independence. I was meeting new people and excited for the future. I had just started grade 10 in a new high school. Everything was going well until one day I was invited to a party. I lied to my Dad about where I was going that night. When we arrived at the party, it was just me and my friend and about 10 guys playing cards and smoking weed. We slipped a little Snoop Dogg in the 5-disc CD changer and accepted a gin and juice to go with the song. I was gang-raped that night and my life changed forever.

I was 15 years old when I left my body in a cold, dark and lonely room somewhere on Seabird Island. But my body followed me everywhere. I thought I was tainted and I couldn’t get away from it. So, I decided to do whatever I could to destroy it. I made dangerous lifestyle choices, drinking to excess, experimenting with drugs and driving drunk. I hoped that all the noise I was creating in my actions would quiet the screaming pain I felt inside. None of it helped. I suffered from PTSD and depression along with an absent mother and a father too distracted by his own mental illness to help pull me from the depths of my nightmare.

Through the next 15 years, every so often and in between counselling appointments, I would find myself in a yoga class. I approached yoga from a fitness perspective, as a way of getting healthy, but I ended up finding it too slow, or too quiet. Yoga brought me out of my head and into my body and I wasn’t ready to be in that space. So, I kept blowing off the practice, affirming it wasn’t for me. However, something kept drawing me back.

It wasn’t until I turned 30 and became pregnant that I really started taking care of myself again. In search of a work-life balance, I quit my career in hospitality and started focusing on my baby. I didn’t consider my body tainted anymore. It was now a temple housing an angel who deserved everything and anything she could ever want! So, I started searching for peace and well-being and I found yoga again.

It began with a gentle hatha yoga class (instead of a pre-natal class, because I couldn’t find one in my area). I truly believe the stars aligned for me that day. I found a beautiful studio close to home, with an amazing teacher at the right time in my life. I fell in love with the mindfulness and methodical movement of the practice. I also found and connected to my breath, regulating my nervous system and for the first time in forever, I felt truly safe and peaceful in my body.

I committed to practice twice a week until my baby was born. Then, I became distracted. I focused on nothing but my daughter for the next 2 years, neglecting my practice. I could feel how unbalanced my life was at that point, so I reached for my mat again.

I became serious about practicing this time. I bought passes to all the yoga studios and private yoga classes offered within a 30-minute drive from my house. I tried almost every type of class with almost every teacher. Not only did I find which studios resonated with me the most and which teachers served me best, I started feeling strong and loving my body again. I thanked it for all it had endured and committed to keeping it healthy from that point on.

It was over a year into my daily practice when people started asking me when I was going to take my Yoga Teacher Training. I was quite taken aback by the idea. “Who was I to be a yoga teacher?” I thought. “I’m just a mom, looking for peace and sanity.” Then I realized I didn’t have to teach, I could take it to deepen my own personal practice. I was taking yoga workshops at every opportunity anyway. My feet were already wet and I had a huge thirst for knowledge on the subject. So, after some research on schools and scheduling considerations, I took the leap!

I signed up in the Fall of 2017 to study with Lauren Roegele and a few other teachers at Vayusha Yoga in Surrey, BC. It was such a humbling experience. I learned so much about who I am and I’m so grateful for the wisdom shared during our sacred circles. I took 3 months to integrate all that had bubbled up for me in my training, before I decided to learn more. I have since completed Chakra Teacher Training, Trauma Informed Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training, and Yin Yoga Teacher Training with more coming up this year. I aspire to move towards a Yoga Therapy designation eventually, specializing in Trauma Informed Yoga.

I also decided to teach! I figured, somewhere out there, there’s someone just like me who needs me to be brave enough to tell my story so she knows she’s not alone. There’s someone out there who left her body in a dark, lonely place and needs to know that it is safe now. I also want to offer students the gift of unconditional love for themselves. I want them to know they are not broken, that they are human, and its ok not to be perfect. Through vulnerability, we find our strength and discover peace, compassion, and support on the journey from pain to purpose. You are not alone and together we can heal.

This blog post is just a snippet of my life and the journey that has transformed me. I have experienced trauma that has shaped me and made me who I am and I have found gratitude among the grief. Sharing my story acknowledges and honours my past and it’s integral to healing the wounds and preventing the trauma from being passed down through generations. I believe everything is connected and all that I’ve experienced has led me to this point. I have found purpose through my pain and I have so much gratitude for it all. I used to breath fire and destroy everything around me. Now sharing my story and the truth as I know it has healed me and I’ve been dubbed The Transformation Dragon! Thank you for stopping by and seeing me for who I really am and loving me anyway.

Join me!! My classes tend to be a bit “potpourri”. I still have a beginners-mind and enjoy teaching alignment-based classes that offer time to explore each shape, as well as a bit of flow. I currently teach three classes a week at various locations in Chilliwack and I’m also building my own studio, Zen Den Yoga, on Fairfield Island that should be complete in a few months. Please reach out! You can find me on Facebook or e-mail me: namaste@zendenyoga.ca.
I’d love to hear from you!!

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~ happy reading yogis! #fvyogateachers

Hi – I’m Kiran

Firstly, I’d like to thank Wendy Weymann for giving me the platform and the many yoga teachers in the Fraser Valley to share their inspiring yoga journey.


Hi, my name is Kiran! I’ve been a yoga teacher for 2.5 years, operating under Yoga with Kiran and a practicing Yogi for almost 6 years! Never had I imagined I would be where I am today, a yogi, let alone a yoga teacher?! I’m still shocked of how far I have come and how much more space there is to grow. I’ll do my best not to ramble or get too emotional, but in all honesty after all this time I still find myself in awe of the magic behind yoga itself.


A little back story of me, I started my yoga practice at the ripe age of 22, when a local hot yoga studio opened in the neighbourhood, being the curious cat, I decided to check is out. After finishing my first class, I was hooked, I had never felt this amazing in my life. Two years later, with the support of close family and friends I embarked on my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Greece with Semperviva Yoga School. My purpose of joining training was to expand my knowledge what this yoga thing really was, I did not have the confidence I could be the person at the front of the room who could lead a class. But surprise surprise that changed once I was at the front of the room. The nervous and quiet person I was before began to gain confidence and comfort in myself, strength, and speak louder! I was scared to even teach just one yoga classe now I teach up to 24 classes a week and have expanded into leading group fitness classes! I am known to push my body and mind to some limits so selfcare is a very important practice for me too! When I am not being a yoga teacher, I am a student of life but also a university student, working on my undergrad of dietetics, that I hope to complete ONE day!

Yoga for me is about healing; healing the mind, healing the body and healing the soul. In my teachings I strive to let that be my goal every time I step onto my mat. I want to give back to the community from what yoga itself gave me…all the unnecessary protective walls I build where my true self was hiding. Maybe that’s a commonality with many others too? I cannot say I’ve mastered everything there is know about yoga itself, there is still so much for me to learn and access about myself. Something I often say in my classes is “Yoga is a practice, there’s a reason it’s not an Olympic sport, there are no winners or losers” And that just speaks about life itself, it is a journey of many ups and downs, which I will raise my hand held high and proud and say that I know the feelings on both ends of the spectrum.

I come from rich cultural background as a first-born Indo- Canadian, so like I said I had to shed those layers, it came from the years of cultural and gender-based conditioning that maybe my family didn’t know how harmful it was to me. I chose to break barriers and question the social norm that I grew to know was “just the way it was”. I still question and struggle a lot but that is what my yoga mat is for, to bring some clarity, selflove, compassion and acceptance that it is okay to feel. Emotions are instilled in us all, sadly we are not robots and CAN compute, we do have emotions, it is in our basic human DNA, there is no escaping it! It is scary to show it but there is something beautiful is expressing the raw and unfiltered emotions and just plain being seriously REAL with yourself! I’ll openly admit I’ve cried many times on my yoga mat, whether the person next to me knew it or not. I let myself be real on my yoga mat, show my soul and yoga pretty much said that’s not really you, the true you is hidden in there. I trusted myself to let the Universe guide me here today and I am forever grateful. I dare you to experience in the magic that yoga has to offer, because there is lineage of yoga that is right for you.

Enjoy the rest of the blog tour of my fellow teachers that our community is so blessed to have! Please feel free to contact me about anything, classes or more questions by email yogawithkiran@gmail.com

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Love yourself, be kind to you, to others and Namaste!

Yoga with Kiran- Kiran Nigah

Last Post! What I learned from 30 days of blogging.

I made it – I committed to 30 days of blogging & today is the last post.  I missed a few days due to the stomach flu & overall bad days but managed to write most days.

I loved it.

My word for the year is WRITE – I wanted to get into the habit of writing that’s why I decided to commit to 30 days of blogging.  I promised myself that I would not worry if the writing was good or not & just write.  I mostly did that – I think some of the writing is a bit cringe worthy but who cares.

I also really like the quietness of writing, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting at my computer, making the graphics to go with the posts & sharing my thoughts.

I found it way easier to communicate through writing than in person. I’m awkward socially & sometimes struggle with putting words together to express where my mind is at.  That was nice.

It was a good distraction – another reason I decided to blog from Feb 15 – March 15 was to create a distraction for myself. My daughter is in France for 3 months & I knew I would miss her so I wanted a distraction.  It sort of worked – I know she is having the time of her life but I miss her SO much.

I wanted to start sharing more about my struggle with addiction – I think a lot of us are struggling with some sort of addiction (food, sex, booze, drugs etc. etc.) I love connecting with other sober people in recovery but I’ve been so private about it over the years most people don’t even know i’m sober.  The blogging was a good way to start sharing about that.  It was very uncomfortable sharing but I’m glad I did it.

Guess what? Today marks 13 years with no drugs or alcohol for me.  When I first got sober I couldn’t even fathom not drinking for 13 days let alone 13 years. And here we are.  Doing something that you thought was impossible is pretty cool.

If you are still reading – thank you!

Take good care of yourself,


I’m blogged for 30 days – check out my last post here!

If you want the TRUTH, listen to your BODY.

I’m back! I decided not to go to Bali after all.  

Tomorrow will be my last post in my 30 days of blogging – so far its been insightful.  I love sitting at my computer writing, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Today’s topic is BODY AWARENESS – this is something I have been working a lot with lately. My instinct is often to quit when things get challenging or check out or tune out.  I’ve noticed this is a long time habit of mine & what usually happens is I get all caught up in my mind creating a story around whatever is happening & almost completely disconnect from my physical body.

I’ve been practicing coming back to my body. Heavy legs, heavy feet, feel the breath in my belly.  I’m realizing just how often I’m tuning out.  Body awareness is a basic yoga practice – I’ve been practicing for so many years & I still struggle with it.

When I teach yoga I often talk about how sophisticated the body is – the body will often tell you something is wrong way before the mind realizes it.  Tuning into your body is a very good indicator for stress – my left shoulder always gets sore & stiff when I’m stressed.  It took me awhile to make the connection I didn’t realize the 2 were related – that’s how out of tune I was with my body.

Here’s the thing – you should LOVE your body – you LIVE in it.  Why is it so tempting to just check out all the time?

How is your experience with body awareness? Do you struggle with it or is it easy for you?

Take care,


I’m blogging for 30 days – check out my last post here!

Bless the thing that broke you down

I’m having a terrible few days here.  No blog yesterday because I just wasn’t up for it.  You know the kind of days where you question every single thing you are doing & day dream about leaving it all & heading to Bali? That’s where I’m at.

I saw this quote today & it made me feel better:

Bless the thing that broke you down & cracked you open.

That’s all I got today.


If there’s no post tomorrow its possible I’m on my way to Bali.

How to be more confident

I originally wrote this article for yoga teachers but its pretty helpful for just about anyone who struggles with confidence.

How to teach with confidence – I struggled with confidence for so many years & all it did was make me a worse teacher.  Here is the system I currently use when I start to doubt myself:

  1. Use every experience negative or positive as a learning experience. Always asking questions like how could I do this differently next time?
  2. Every 6 months – 1 year I review what I’m doing. I look back to see what’s working? What’s not working? Is what I’m doing A Path with Heart?
  3. Look for patterns – sometimes my confidence will start to slip & it’s always at certain times of the year. Sometimes there a couple students that trigger me. Sometimes certain studios just aren’t a good fit.  Use HALT as a guideline am I Hungry?, Angry?, Lonely? or Tired? Once you know your patterns you can learn to be compassionate with yourself.
  4. Think of low points as a stepping stone to success. If I was totally confident all the time I’d be an arrogant jerk & probably not a great teacher. A healthy dose of humility is a sign of a great teacher.
  5. Don’t isolate. Connect with your community. When I start to struggle I tend to isolate & shut myself off.  I use this as a signal to connect with other yoga teachers & ask them for help.
  6. Beginner Mind. Connect back with why you started practicing in the first place. Remember what you were like when you first started practicing & compare it to where you are now.

Stay confident!


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