wendyare you ready to FEEL GOOD in your body & ENJOY your life?

Welcome Friends! I’m Wendy & I’m here to help.
You’re a teacher, an entrepreneur, a caring person who wants the world to be a better place.  You want to look good but more than that you want FEEL fabulous ~ comfortable in your body ~ gorgeous on the inside & outside.

YOGA & meditation has been the solution for me ~ I used to be really miserable, overweight & kind of negative.  I was burnt out from having 2 small children & my life was not what I hoped it would be, it got really bad.  Like REALLY bad.  I was having panic attacks all day, every day & I just couldn’t cope with anything.  My older sister Tracy told me to come to her yoga studio & try yoga she said it would help ~ something magical happened in that studio & I realized that if I dragged my sorry ass to yoga I felt better.


SIMPLE. GO to YOGA  —>>> FEEL Better! (its been my mantra ever since & it ALWAYS works!)


My yoga practice helped me to ease all the stress & tension from my physical body but I was still struggling mentally, I couldn’t get my mind to settle down & that’s when I fell in LOVE with meditation.  I’m an introvert, I like the quiet, I get frazzled in social situations & I’m really sensitive to noise (having 2 little kids its impossible to escape noise!!).  The meditation just help me establish that quiet, still space within & I’ve been able to train my mind to let go of all the negative thinking that was making me so miserable.


SIMPLE. Just MEDITATE every day ——>>> get a reprieve from the craziness that is my mind!


I decided to become a yoga teacher because I wanted to help others who were just like me,  I try to make all my classes fun & lighthearted ~ I want you to LOVE yoga & meditation as much as I do.


Just SHOW UP —–>>> getting to class is the hardest part but it’s ALWAYS worth it.


See you soon,

xoxox Wendy
Click here to watch a video: “what to expect in my yoga class”

wendy&padmaKind words from my teacher Padma:
Wendy is a dedicated and professionally-trained yogi and meditator, and she offers the highest quality of experience and compassionate insight to her students in every class and workshop. Wendy speaks from the centre of her heart with wisdom and years of deep personal practice. She practices “Satya“, Truthfulness at a very deep level of her being and shares this with all her students. Wendy has been my student and assistant a countless workshops over the years and I highly recommend her work: She is a gifted meditation teacher. – Padma
IMAGES-2012-09-jennKind words from one of my lovely students:
As a runner, it’s hard for me to loosen and gain mobility in my hips and calves. Wendy has specifically helped me to focus on these key areas in such a way that I feel I’ve never encountered with another instructor. Wendy also helps me to fit a complete yoga routine seamlessly into my busy lifestyle. As a result of her support, I feel I can greet the day with clarity and peace of mind. I really appreciate the way Wendy offers supporting and encouraging correction and guidance when I’m learning something new, or trying to master something challenging. I would sincerely recommend Wendy to anyone looking to add yoga into their life. Wendy has helped me physically and mentally. She’s amazing! – Jenn
wendy&noahThis is me with my teacher Noah Levine in LA
I saw Noah speak when he was in Vancouver in 2006; I was totally inspired by his sober, refreshing take on meditation.  He spoke in a language that I understood & I immediately wanted to learn more….6 years later in 2012 I decided to take the meditation facilitator training with him in LA – it was a huge commitment – 5 trips to LA over the course of the year is a lot when you have 2 young kids and a busy family life.  It was worth it! I learned so much, he is such a gifted teacher & I’m grateful to have had the chance to study with him.

Wendy is yoga instructor in Mission BC who specializes in meditation.

Professional Bio

* YogaBC  500 Hour Yoga Teacher with 1700+ hours teaching experience
* Yogic meditation teacher with Padma (Vancouver)
* Vipassana meditation instructor with Noah Levine (Los Angeles)
* NCCP Waterski/Wakeboard coach
* SUP Yoga Teacher Training with Kristy Wright of SUP Vancouver
* Paddle Canada SUP Instructor Course with Norm Hann

Wendy is a  500 Hour Yoga Teacher with 1700+ hours teaching experience. She has released a guided meditation CD and has additional training in meditation, Vinyasa, yin, kids’, SUP yoga and yoga for addictions.  She has been teaching yoga & meditation since 2006 and is certified to teach level 1 yogic meditation with Padma (Vancouver) and level 1 Vipassana meditation with Noah Levine (Los Angeles).

Before having her two beautiful children and becoming a yoga teacher, Wendy studied Financial Management at BCIT and worked in several different accounting offices. In her spare time Wendy enjoys reading, wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding and laughing with friends and family.
“The power of yoga is limitless, whatever you are struggling with you can bring it to your mat and let it go” – Wendy Weymann